St Thomas Court Group (STCG) is the largest independent practice buying group for UK Dispensing Doctors. Furthermore, the company is designed exclusively to help Dispensing Doctors manage their prescribing and profit needs. With this in mind, the group has selected Lane as their messaging server provider, due to the Interoperability Tool Kit Standards (ITK) accreditation by the UK's Department of Health, along with cutting edge technology, and cost alignment to the NHS agenda.

The importance of its patients’ well being is the priority for any practice. STCG only recommends Lane's Passport 4000 systems, as they allow GP's to get accurate patient information when they need it. The system’s capability allows GP's to talk to Hospitals and the same with Hospitals to GP's. This secured transfer of data allows GP Practices and Trusts to hold confidential patient information, adhering to the governance policy of the NHS. The e-document which is transported across different environments is handled with safety, confidentiality and track-ability in mind.

Lane Passport 4000 systems are capable of encompassing a web-enabled software component called Stream. Stream's functionality includes creating, automating and transmitting documents. This workflow component enables the assembly of letters as e-documents, the collection of patient details and appointments, dictation services without the use of analogue tape devices, and efficiency applications to enable secretaries to listen to dictated voice analogues and then transcribe letters or notes accordingly.