Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) initiative that offers support and funding to help businesses develop new products and services and bring them closer to market. Using this initiative, LANE have teamed with The University of Portsmouth to develop products sharing key knowledge and expertise.

Dr Philip Scott, a senior lecturer in health informatics and chairman of HL7 UK, is the leading academic on behalf of The University of Portsmouth. Given his expertise and previous experience working with the NHS, Dr Scott is the perfect academic candidate for joining LANE on this venture.

LANE's KTP programme started early 2013, the progress has been speedy, with practices wishing to take part in the research and development pertinent to the new product software solution. This solution will be conceived by observing real issues at GP clinics and backed by academic research, allowing contributing surgeries to share their requirements, thus, helping to define and develop the next generation of clinical software.

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